Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final Character for Port Project

This is the last character that I have for my animation. He is basiclly an evolved turtle that has plants and corral growing on his back. In the end he will have the plants on his back (they are just planes now) animated. He is my highest poly character so far for the project being just over 4k polys. The others average around 2k each.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Portfolio Project Buildings

For my animation I took a different approach then I usually do. Instead of doing a very mechanical and orderly animation I have decided to go for a abstract and cartoony animation. I tried to go for a mix of Dr. Seuss and sponge bob. I have steped well away from my comfort zone and I believe that I am coming close to creating my own style.

Portfolio Project Characters

Here are some character turnabouts for my final portfolio animation. I still have one character to finish. When I am done with him I will post his turnabout. Right now I am working on my scene witch I will post shots very soon and then it is on to texturing and rigging. The entire animation is going to be done in 5 more weeks.