Sunday, June 24, 2012

Now Available

Star Cruiser Defense is now on the Android Marketplace.

Upgrade Menus

In Star Cruiser Defense you can play as three unique races. Each with its own abilities and unique appearance. Shown is the weapon upgrade menus for each of the races. These were the rough renders that I made and not final menus. In game you are able to customize your weapons and attacks. There are the 3 basic weapons systems that you can customize beam, missile, and bullet. Each has its own weakness and advantages when fighting. Check for Star Cruiser Defense's release tomorrow on the Android Marketplace.   

Star Cruiser Defense Release For Android

New game for Android Market coming out later today/tomorrow. Defend the human race as it sets of to explore and colonize space. This is a first of its kind on Android and the best game yet from Katun Studios. I loved working on this project and hope that you love to play it. I will post more later today that shows the interface and other assets that I worked on for the game.